Satelite Phone Map


SHFPD has purchased 30 satellite phones to improve communications during power safety shutoffs. These phones will be strategically placed throughout Sleepy Hollow in the care of block captains. If the power is out, residents experiencing a 911 emergency will be able to go a residence that has a satellite phone and make a call to the 911 emergency operations center. Locations that have a satellite phone will place a sign at their entry during power shutoffs alerting residents that a phone is available. This program is just getting started, more information and details will be available as it ramps up.

Below is a interactive map of the location of the satellite phones. Click on the phone icon to view the address. Please print out the printable version below or write down the address of the phones nearest you. The web map on this page will not work if the power is out and you can not access the internet.


Printable Version

Satellite Phone Locations
115 Oak Crest Rd
170 De Burgh Dr
981 Butterfield Rd
45 Tarry Rd
701 Butterfield Rd
64 Legend Rd
275 Stuyvesant Dr
21 Raven Rd
6 Tappan Ct
70 Green Valley Ct
900 Butterfield Rd
103 Van Winkle Dr
10 Icabod Ct
1422 Butterfield Rd
11 Luzanne Circle
103 Van Tassel Ct
200 Deer Hollow Rd
111 Sleepy Hollow Dr
515 Fawn Dr
36 Dutch Valley Ln
3 Catskill Ct
 680 Fawn Dr
125 Crane Dr
60 Garden Rock Rd
65 Estates Dr
221 Fawn Dr
12 Fox Ln

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