Pool Rules

1. All individuals who enter the pool premises must register at the snack shack desk upon entering the facility and present a photo ID. 

2. Use of the pool will be restricted to PAID POOL MEMBERS only. 

3. SHHA Pool members may bring up to 5 Day Guests per day according to the following guest fees: a) $10.00/day/adult over 18 years of age; b) $5.00/day/child over 2 years of age c) SHHA Pool Member Extended House Guests: May be treated as Day Guests or may pay $50.00/ month/adult (three month maximum) or $25.00/month/child over 2 years of age 

4. Two days advance notice and pool manager approval required to bring more than 5 guests on a single day. 

5. All non-swimmers and children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or responsible SHHA member adult, who is charged with the primary responsibility for the supervision, discipline, and safety of each child. 

6. Absolutely no glass containers on the pool deck or within the pool facility. 

7. No running, pushing, spitting, excessively rough games or play, back dives, or other activities deemed inappropriate in the sole discretion of the lifeguard. 

8. Use of pool toys, apparatus, balls, etc at the sole discretion of the lifeguard. 

9. Baby pool is strictly limited to non-swimmers under the age of 6 years. 

10. All, including babies, must be clothed in appropriate swimming attire. Children that are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers at all times. 

11. No food in the pool or in locker rooms. All food on the pool deck must be cleaned up and leftovers/ garbage properly disposed of in the containers provided. 

12. Absolutely no intoxicants (beverages or otherwise) on the SHHA pool premises. Individuals having consumed intoxicants may be denied use of the pool and access to the pool premises at the sole discretion of the lifeguard. 

13. No Dogs are allowed anywhere on SHHA Premises. Dogs are NOT to be tied to any fences on the property and/or adjoining properties. Owners of dogs that are left unattended are subject to revocation of membership privileges. 

14. Smoking is not allowed within the SHHA pool premises. 

15. Individuals with communicable and/or transmittable diseases and/or health conditions shall not use the pool until a current notice from their doctor is presented to the lifeguard, which confirms no danger is posed to others. 

16. Lifeguards and the management will enforce all rules, whether set forth herein or not, required for the proper use of the pool and protection of the users. 

17. All rights are revocable at the sole discretion of the management. 

18. Any rules required due to any drought conditions or water constraints will be enforced. 

19. Stay out of lap lanes if not swimming laps. When lap lane is occupied, do not cross lane. 

20. Do not hang onto the lane lines under any circumstances. 

21. Pool facility is not available for rental. 

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