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Yet Another Successful Creek Cleaning/Winter Storm Prep Event – Fifth in a Row!

The annual creek clean-up/winter storm prep event on Saturday, October 7th was a huge success! Creek-side residents cleaned their section of the creek and residents cleaned out drainage areas on their property.

Judging by the amount of debris taken to the chipper station, we’d say many folks participated. And, given the work done the past four years, we are happy to report that there was very little “heavy-lifting” cleaning that needed to be done. Engaged and supportive residents have been actively diligent about keeping the creek clean and healthy so that as much water as possible can flow during winter storms.

Highlights from this year’s event include:

  • Cub Scout Pack 50 and Troop 50 learning about watershed conservation,
  • cub scouts and their parents/leader picking up trash in creek,
  • removing non-native invasive French broom and sowing native sedge seeds for erosion control,
  • boy scouts assisting creek corps leaders in removing some of the larger debris,
  • and a repeat of the chipper station.

We are grateful that once again the Creek Committee and Sarah Phillips with the Marin Resource Conservation District(RCD) went out in advance to scope out what needed to be done beforehand. As always, we did manage to find some interesting items this year that didn’t belong (e.g. rusty pipes), now removed for better flow.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who came out to help and a special shout out to the Cub Scout Pack 50Troop 50, the Creek Committee, the Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection Districtand FIRESafe MARIN for the chipper station, Sarah Phillips, the Urban Streams Program Manager for Marin RCD and Solomon Henson, Education Program Director for Sierra Streams Institute, for leading and educating our volunteers. Thanks also to Bill Malet for posting our signage and Judy Ford for coordinating the scout’s participation. What a great community effort!!!

The rainy season is fast approaching…let's continue to keep our waterways clear of debris!

If you’re interested in joining the Creek Committee, please feel free to contact me at

Eric Riemer, Sleepy Hollow Creek Committee


The SHHA Creek Committee: Who are we?

The Sleepy Hollow Creek Committee is a group of volunteers that are committed to supporting community creek stewardship and flood prevention work in the Sleepy Hollow watershed. The committee organizes an annual creek cleaning event in early fall, encouraging creekside residents to clean their creeks and all residents to clear their waterways in preparation for winter.

The committee is also available during the year to consult with homeowners that may have a question/concern about their creek and will help facilitate solutions if needed.

If you’re interested in joining or have questions regarding your creek, please contact Eric at 451-453-4818 or

Check out pictures from last years 2015 CREEK CLEANING/WINTER STORM PREP and CHIPPER STATION


Creek Care Resources

Given its goals of flood prevention and creek stewardship, the Creek Committee would like to connect you with creek care resources covering topics ranging from stream bank restoration, storm drain care, erosion control and free creek permitting assistance.

The  Creek Care Guide is designed to encourage and support the ongoing stewardship of creeks in Marin County and is divided into three sections. The first section defines healthy creeks, riparian corridors, fish habitat needs, the storm drain connection, and how to identify a potential creek problem. Guidelines for improving creek health are outlined in the second section and a resource directory is provided in the last section.

Groundwork is a handbook for small-scale erosion control for landowners. It was written for Marin County watersheds and it provides background and guidance for erosion control projects. 
Repairing Creekbank Erosion is also a good resource.

For those considering any type of creek project, as a good first step, you can contact a Land Development Engineer at the County: call 415-473-3755, email: or visit Room #308 at the Civic Center.

Additionally, the Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (MCSTOPPP) provides free creek permitting assistance by holding informal monthly project coordination meetings to review and guide projects through the environmental and regulatory permit process.

Landowners can share their prospective creek projects for free input and constructive feedback from staff at the permitting agencies. For more information or to get a place on the agenda, contact Howard Bunce at 415-473-3748 or

Visit the MCSTOPP website and the Marin County Watershed Program website for more information.


The purpose of the SHHA Creek Committee is to support community creek stewardship and flood prevention work in the Sleepy Hollow watershed. A number of issues can contribute to localized flooding and can include, blocked storm drains and culverts, constriction points, failing or insufficient infrastructure (both private/public), silt & gravel build-up reducing capacity.

Importantly,  the Creek Committee will provide support to individual neighbor’s efforts to keep their creeks clear and free of debris and other obstructions that reduce the hydraulic capacity of the creek as required by Marin County Code, Section 11.08 (on home page, select Title 11, Section 11.08).

The Creek Committee will focus work in three general areas:

  • Flood prevention
  • Assessment/Solution identification
  • Programs/Education


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