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Mobile services FAQ


Wireless Service FAQs

What is the proposed installation? The proposed installation is one large, or “macro,” tower located on the San Domenico School campus.

What will the tower installation look like? The tower will be housed in a midsized barnlike structure, in keeping with the pastoral aesthetic of the area.

Will there be backup power for use in the event of a power outage? Yes. The design incorporates a diesel generator.

What is the role of the SHHA in this project? The SHHA is not a party to any agreement underlying the construction and operation of the facility, located as it is on private land. The SHHA’s primary function in this matter is to gauge and coordinate Sleepy Hollow community support for expanded telecommunications. While it is the stated position of the SHHA that the lack of mobile network coverage in the Hollow is a critical public safety issue, our aim is to present an accurate reflection of the sentiments of the community at large.

Why was Verizon chosen as the network provider? SHHA board members reached out to all major carriers, with Verizon the only carrier expressing interest in the project.

I don’t have Verizon, will my carrier expand into the neighborhood? It is possible to co-locate multiple carriers at the same tower site. Whether this will be possible is part matter of contract (i.e. whether it is permitted by the agreement between San Domenico and Verizon) and part question of other carriers’ willingness to co-locate. Another carrier has expressed interest in such an arrangement and this will be pursued if and when the Verizon tower is approved.

Will customers of other carriers be able to make emergency calls and receive Nixle and other public safety announcements? Yes. 911 calls and pushed public safety announcements can be made and received irrespective of carrier.

What type of coverage will the installation provide? The installation is projected to deliver in-building service to the northwest section of the Hollow (past the community center towards San Domenico and down the Van Winkle corridor) with in-car or outdoor coverage for most of the rest of the neighborhood. There will still be a few dead spots due to our local topography but the great majority of Hollow residents will have some degree of wireless service.

Is there any more expansion planned in a Phase 2? It is possible that the macro tower will be supplemented with three or four small-cell towers that would virtually eliminate any dead spots and Verizon has produced a design including these elements. The process of getting these installations approved will likely be protracted, involving legal challenges, and will hinge in large part on Verizon’s appetite for that challenge and the community’s strong support.

Why 4G, and not 5G? Verizon's team has told us that our neighborhood is not a good candidate for 5G service. 5G networks are made up of hundreds, if not thousands, of structure-mounted nodes and is best suited to high-density areas- quite unlike Sleepy Hollow!

What is the approximate timeline for completion? We are currently informed that the normal timeline is around 18 months post-approval, but are seeking to expedite the process through government and private channels.

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