The Charitable Foundation

Dedicated to the people, geography, safety and environment of Sleepy Hollow in Marin County, California


The Sleepy Hollow Charitable Foundation is a 501 C-3 nonprofit dedicated to the people, geography, safety and environment of Sleepy Hollow in Marin County, California.  Our initial, primary activity is to fund and manage the rebuild of the Sleepy Hollow community center and to create a new facility that will allow residents to gather and relax on a daily basis, plus help prepare for and recover from disasters.

The Charitable Foundation was legally created in California in November of 2012 and received tax-deductible charitable status from the federal IRS on March 13, 2013.


Community giving in the first phase of fundraising for the new Community Center raised almost $800,000, proving long time resident and community leader Frank Berto right when he said Sleepy Hollow is a group of people "who give a damn" about their community.

One couple who were sadly leaving Sleepy Hollow recounted the decades of joy this place brought them.  They thanked all of us and wrote a significant donation.  Another resident calculated the years she had lived in Sleepy Hollow, made a big donation and called it a bargain.

Since we paused the fundraising, the SHCF Board, a majority of whom are Directors of the Sleepy Hollow Homes Association, and other volunteers with valuable expertise have collaborated with neighbors, and safety specialists to oversee completion of plans and specifications for the new building. They have obtained necessary approvals and permits, received competitive bids and selected a contractor, and negotiated financing. We have spent about $300,000 to get to this "shovel ready" point, and $475,000 is safely on hand to lead our investment.

We are now completing the financing. We believe that the presence of the Sleepy Hollow Fire Protection District (SHFPD) at the new community center is important to Sleepy Hollow. Space and leadership for community education and staging of evacuation drills can help us save our lives and our property.  We appreciate that the SHFPD can make its decision only after due deliberation and public exposure, which has not begun.

The second phase of community fundraising will be important to fulfillment of the goal for a vibrant center in the heart of our Hollow. When the financing details are complete, we will all have the opportunity to do our part. Every donation will improve the new clubhouse you will use for decades.

Success will rely on Sleepy Hollow residents who are willing to participate in this endeavor and donate funds to help us rebuild, showing the spirit that built this community - honoring the multitudes of residents who, through the years, have donated both time and money to further enhance this special place.

When fundraising begins, you will be able to make a cash donation here. You will also be able to donate shares of marketable securities, and to make a Donation Pledge. 

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