Construction Updates

Demolition in Progress September 4

Steve Knox and Mac Binh took down the loquat tree and offer small logs for any who can imagine a clear, cold evening for a cozy fire. Steve and Reinhard Ludke have finished taking out the redwood paneling for use in the new building.

Interior demolition by Schalich Brothers Construction began September 2, the day after our Building Permit was picked up. By end of day Friday most sheetrock was down and you can see almost the length of the main building along the north side, the lighting soffits and old fireplace mantel are gone in the Founders Room. Steve Knox is often on site, and you will spy him on a scaffold removing upper reaches of paneling.

Exterior flat roof will come down next. Meanwhile, Reinhard Ludke and Mac Binh worked Friday to begin dismantling the old play structure. Our architect Jessica Fairchild conferred with Jim Schalich about plans for the restored fireplace.

The construction site is for authorized personnel only, but if you would like to see more on a weekend, get your boots and hard hat ready and let us know.

August 1, 2020

With a signed contract with Schalich Brothers Construction, Inc., the full scale renovation waits only for the final building permit. Check out the condition of the old clubhouse after haz mat removal including parts of the roof and the flooring, careful dismantling of the kitchen cabinets for use by others, and patient removal of the interior paneling. and the glass shelved trophy case in the corridor to the locker rooms.

The large stainless steel refrigerator will be reused and so will the paneling, which turned out to be redwood. Current plans are to use the redwood on the Legends Pavilion ceiling and as an accent above the fireplace. The Founders Room ceiling tiles will be removed (they are not asbestos), the underlying boards painted and the grand old beams preserved. The floor will be burnished, polished concrete in the main rooms. Much thanks to the management and determination of Steve Knox, with lots of help from Reinhard Ludke, and steady help just when needed from Jeff Schneider, and Matt Testa.
Steve has also completed replacement of the rear sewer lateral, correction of snack bar drainage, and earlier in the year, building a safe access to the pool for use during construction.

Watch the video below!