What is happening with the San Domenico School Transportation Management Plan review?

19 Aug 2018 7:49 AM | Spencer Adams (Administrator)

Review of the 20-year old plan is underway with the School, the SHHA, and the County. SHHA is seeking comment from residents as input to the drafting of potential amendments to the plan. San Domenico is also asking for input and has prepared a presentation of the plan history and purposes, the current situation and areas in which the School will seek amendments, and its commitment to standards that will not change. This presentation has been the basis of informational and listening sessions held at the School this spring, at the Community Center August 2nd, and now posted here and on the sandomenico.org website. There will be another opportunity for any interested residents to hear from San Domenico, give feedback and ask questions, and hear the perspectives of neighbors, at the Community Center September 22, 9:00AM to 10:00PM hosted by SHHA.  Meanwhile the SHHA, the School, the County, and others who have interest in the issue, such as the Town of San Anselmo and the Butterfield Corridor of  Safe Routes to School, are working to develop amendments for review by all Sleepy Hollow residents in October, leading to a proposal that could be presented jointly by the School and the SHHA to the County at year end. This is no draft proposal yet. No change in the plan can be made without the agreement of the SHHA and San Domenico School and then approval by the County.

For more info you can also visit the SHHA webpage here

Post your comments or questions here, or send them to shhapresident@gmail.com, subject TRAFFIC.


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